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Chelsea  Christian

Chelsea is a Florida native, born and raised. She got into the finance world by becoming a client herself with the goal of protecting her family and setting up their future for success. However, when she talked to many of her friends about the financial services she was receiving, such as life insurance, investments, a college fund for her son, a 401k and other financial vehicles that lead to financial freedom, they had no knowledge about the subject and were not protected or growing their funds for their futures. The best decision she ever made was setting her family up for success which developed into a passion for helping others to do the same.

Chelsea’s objectives are to help people achieve their financial goals and build long-term wealth so that they will be prepared for what lies ahead in life. She is also a member of multiple networking groups because she believes in the idea of local businesses helping each other. She has a great support team in Jennifer and Greg Jack who invoke confidence and trust in everything they do. While she is just getting started, she is learning from the best and will work harder than anyone in order to prove herself.