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Estate Planning Attorneys

At J&J, we know that there is more to Financial Planning than saving and investing. Our clients need us to help them prepare for any situation that may come their way. At our firm, we stress the importance of protecting their financial world from outside wealth erosion. If we cannot fix it after the fact, then we need to fix it now. Having proper Estate Planning documents is foundational for any client’s financial picture.

We partner with Estate Planning Attorneys to protect our client’s today and tomorrow. We establish strategic alliances with them to ensure that all investment strategies, legacy plans, and tax situations are in alignment with our client’s wishes on how they want to pass on their financial impact. Whether it’s making sure we have protections in place if a client is unable to act for themselves, or we’re creating complicated Trust and Estate Plans, it’s important for our recommendations to be accompanied and strengthened by proper legal documentation.

We want to partner with Estate Planning Firms that prioritize client financial guidance and care to ensure their financial and legacy goals are being properly established and achieved. Our strategic alliance will help both our firms offer greater value and more efficient planning by having all applicable parties on the same page when it comes to the client’s goals and concerns.

We vet all our strategic partners to ensure that our clients will be served by qualified, competent, and caring professionals.

If you would like to learn more about J&J Wealth Advisors, please contact us below.

At J&J, we take our Fiduciary Responsibility very seriously, and due to this we do not have any fee-based referral models in our alliances. The goal of these partnerships is to serve our clients and not ourselves or any other firm. All joint work and referrals are done with the clients’ interests in mind only.

No Contracts or Legal Obligations: J&J works closely with the ‘introducing’ Attorney on behalf of their clients in a non-fee sharing relationship. Any partnership is entered on client need base only.

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