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We partner with Successful Tax Professionals for the greatest benefit to our clients. Our desire to is to make sure that every plan, strategy, and movement we initiate for them is coordinated with every piece of their financial picture. Through this team approach, J&J Wealth Advisors and the accounting firms we partner with, ensure the creation of financial plans that are in our client’s best interest.

We desire to work with firms that want to set themselves apart in the marketplace by offering Tax Efficient Wealth Management and Retirement Planning Solutions. A partnership with J&J Wealth Advisors is a partnership-like arrangement in which CPAs work with our Wealth Advisors to help their clients in the pursuit of their investment objectives and financial goals.

We vet all our strategic partners to ensure that our clients will be served by qualified, competent, and caring professionals.

At J&J, we take our Fiduciary Responsibility very seriously, and due to this we do not have any fee-based referral models in our alliances. The goal of these partnerships is to serve our clients and not ourselves or any other firm. All joint work and referrals are done with the clients interests in mind only.

No Contracts or Legal Obligations: J&J works closely with the ‘introducing’ CPA on behalf of their clients in a non-fee sharing relationship. Any partnership is entered on a client-need base only.

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